Syn-setral-pu 2 - Grease For Long-term Lubrication


General Product Information:

Synthetic low and high-temperature grease for long-term *:Rolling and plain bearings over a wide temperature range and in unfavorable conditions (like water or steam). Typcial applications: Faus,appliances,air conditions, wet machining, washing machines and dish washes, road construction machines, household and office machines, generators and textil machines. Ideal as rolling bearing grease with low noise development (e.g. electric motors).Properties:Reduces wear and tearGood water resistanceWide application rangeExcellent corrosion protectionExcellent oxidation stabilityHigh nDm-factorLow starting resistanceConsiderable extension of the re-lubrication cyclesOutstanding emergency running characteristicsTemperature range: - 40°C - + 180°C


Industry:Lubricant Industry
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Type:Selling Offer

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