Syn-setral-ca/c2 Fd - High-temperature Grease Free From Solids


General Product Information:

Versatile high-temperature grease without solid lubricants, with extremely high wear and corrosion protection .Approved for use in food plants.Use:Also suitable for rolling and plain bearings, joints and other sliding pairings in machinery and equipment in the food industry working under high temepratures and high loads.Especially designed for sliding surfaces in injection moulding tools like ejector pins or guideways particularly for production of plastic parts and plastic packagings for food and pharmaceutical industry.Properties:NSF H1 registeredVery high wear and corrosion protection, high load carrying abilityResistant to cold and hot water, alkaline solutions etc.Environmentally friendly; no labelling according to the ordinance on hazardous substancesCompatible with usual plastic and sealing materialsHigh adherence on metallic surfacesSilicone-freeTemperature range: - 25°C - + 160°C


Industry:Lubricant Industry
Delivery Time:0000-00-00
Type:Selling Offer

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