Super Foodplex Grease (Calcium Sulfonate Complex Fg)


General Product Information:

A new generation H1 Food Grade Grease designed specifically for lubrication of the most severe applications in the food industry. This grease is formulated with food grade over-based calcium complex thickener and other permitted ingredients including anti-oxidants and extreme pressure and anti-wear additives to meet the most stringent requirements of the industry. This innovative grease out-performs all other food grade greases, including calcium base, clay base and even aluminum complex base greases.Super Foodplex is one of the most water-resistant food-grade greases on the market, making it an excellent grease choice for applications that are exposed to high amounts of * is also an excellent choice for virtually any heavy duty, high temperature, or extreme pressure application that requires a food grade grease including chains, saws, blades, grinders, carts, racks, and more.


Country:United States
Industry:Lubricant Industry
Delivery Time:0000-00-00
Type:Selling Offer

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