Speciality Greases, High Speed Greases,Silicone Greases, Fluid Greases, Wire Rope Greases


General Product Information:

Manufacturer of Autoconer spray, paint spray, touch up paint spray, Paint remover spray, synthetic lubricant spray, specialty lubricants, moly grease, Very high temperature grease, High Grade synthetic grease, automotive specialized grease, High speed bearing grease, Water & Chemical resistant grease, High temperature High Grease, Fluid grease, Open Gear adhesive grease, wire rope Grease, poly-Urea Grease, PTFE based Grease ,PFPE based Grease, CNC chuck paste , silicone compound, high vacuum silicone grease ,silicone valve packing grease, silicone mould release compound, Food Grade grease , plastic lubricant grease


Industry:Lubricant Industry
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