Silicone Greases

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Silicone Greases are versatile lubricating products possessing unique characteristics. These greases are based on Silicone fluids and contain an inorganic, non-soap thickener. However, some Silicone greases are thickened with lithium soaps. The consistency of Silicone greases will vary from a soft, buttery texture to a hard and tacky formulation. These greases are free from petroleum products, do not attack plastic substrates and therefore are outstanding lubricants for plastic, rubber and glass. Most of the silicone greases are non carbonizing, oxidation resistant, non-solidifying, bleed and drip resistant, mild acid and alkali resistant, moisture resistant and are serviceable over a wide temperature range from 40C up to 240 C. These greases exhibit outstanding resistance to extreme weather conditions and have excellent dielectric properties. These greases are chemically inert and are non-toxic in nature. These greases exhibit excellent release applications and are also used as mould release agents. These greases are outstanding lubricants for plastic, glass and rubber surfaces. A special version of silicone grease is used as a heat transfer medium for electronic components.Due to these unique properties, Silicone Greases find application in many areas such as Lubrication of plastic, rubber, glass and metals surfaces in consumer electronics, sanitary, laboratory glassware, toys, cameras, microscopes, automobile components etc. Mould Release applications of plastics, rubber and metals. Weather proofing, corrosion protection, insulation and moisture barrier applications in electronics and electrical products such as switches, connectors, insulators and battery terminals. Due to its non-toxic nature Silicone Greases are used to lubricate food and beverage processing equipment, drinking water taps, vending machines etc.


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