Pal Drawoil St & Ep Wire Drawing Oils


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These products are non-staining, high performance mineral oil based lubricant, having good cooling abilities. They are specially developed for high speed and deep drawing application of metals. They provide optimum film strength, lubricity and good metal wetting characteristics. PAL DRAW-ST is, blended with fatty oil to improve wetting characteristics. It is stable, non-staining, mineral oil based lubricant, recommended for Aluminium wire drawing * DRAW-EP is chlorinated extreme pressure (EP) type, blended with fatty oils and free sulphur making it ideally suited for most severe drawing conditions. It offers high degree of finish of the tube bar both internally and externally. It is widely used for deep drawing and cold rolling of Stainless Steel tubes.PACKING210Ltr.,50 Ltr.FOR MORE DETAILS PLEASE LOGON TO /wire_drawing_oil.php

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