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From time to time, breakthroughs in technology occur, which transform the performance of materials, or sometimes, even our lives.In the 1980s a new type of grease was discovered calcium sulphonate. Since that time, calcium sulphonate greases have been developed and refined, and are now recognised as the most significant breakthrough in lubricating grease technology.Yet, these greases are almost unknown in Australia until now.Anglomoil is introducing a range of calcium sulphonate greases to the Australian market which outperform any other grease now available.The ChemistryCalcium sulphonate has long been used as a detergent / rust protective / anti-wear additive in engine oils.More recently, chemists discovered a way to modify the structure of calcium sulphonate so that it becomes an integral part of the grease structure. The valuable properties of calcium sulphonate are built into the grease, not just added.The EngineeringThe traditional understanding of the lubricating action of grease assumes that the soap base (or thickener), holds the oil like a sponge, whilst the oil performs the lubrication.More recent research suggests that the thickener plays an important role in the lubrication process and this is borne out by the enhanced performance of Ca S greases.Key Properties of Calcium Sulphonate GreasesSuperior protection against corrosionExcellent anti-wear and extreme pressure propertiesOutstanding oxidation resistanceExcellent mechanical stability, even in the presence of waterVery high drop point (ie melting point) in excess of 300CPage 2 .Corrosion ResistanceOne of the primary functions of calcium sulphonate added to an oil is to prevent rust. The thickener of the grease is composed entirely of Ca S and so the protection against corrosion is outstanding.Ca S greases easily pass the industry Rust Test Rating D-1743 even when synthetic sea water is used.Load Carrying PropertiesCa S greases have excellent EP and anti-wear properties, with high Timken OK loads and 4 Ball EP results. Longer bearing life can be expected.Oxidation ResistanceLonger service life at high temperatures is a feature of Ca S greases, thanks to their chemical stability.Oxidation stability is demonstrated by the following results:Bomb Oxidation Stability D-942 excellent pass even after 1000 hours.Wheel Bearing Leakage D-1263 no leaking or hardening after 6 hours at163C. The standard test is run at 104C!Bearing Life D-3527 exceeds NLGI GC/LB requirement of 80 hours. A life of up to 140 hours, is typical in this test.Dropping Point D-2265 exceeds 300C.After exposure to these temperatures, the greases return to their original grease structure, unlike other types of grease.Mechanical StabilityMinimal change in consistency after 100000 strokes in the grease worker (ASTM D-217). Even when mixed 50% with water and worked for 100000 strokes, the consistency remained virtually unchanged.Shell Roll Test (ASTM D-1831) increased in severity from the standard 6 hours at room temperature up to 100 hours at 65C revealed no weakness.The Anglomoil GreasesAnglomoil is offering three of these unique greases, each one possessing all the desirable features of the calcium sulphonate technology, yet each one fine tuned to particular applications.Page 3 .Uniplex GreaseA multi-purpose industrial / automotive grease meeting NLGI GC/LB specification. Ideal automotive wheel bearing grease and chassis grease. Coloured blue/green.NLGI grade No. 2Drop Point 300CTimken OK Load25kg4 Ball EP load wear index62kg - weld point 500kgOil Separation0.2%Wheel Bearing Leakage4.0gRust Test Rating passSalt Fog Hours to failure300Bearing Life 100 hrsBomb Oxidation 9 psi drop after 1000 hrsWork Stability 100000 strokes 2.3% change50/50 water100000 strokes 7.9% changeRoll Stability3.7% changeWater Washout @ 79C3.5% lossBase Oil Viscosity9.6 cSt @ 100CImpactor GreaseA very advanced formulation with particular application for the mining industry, earth moving machinery and heavy industry.Contains semi-synthetic oils to improve pumpability, especially at low temperatures, is very water resistant and highly adhesive. It also contains graphite and molybdenum disulphide to protect against severe loading at normal and high temperatures.NLGI gradeNo.1Drop Point280CColourBlackTimken OK Load25kg4 Ball EP load wear index55kg - weld point400kgOil Separation0.1%Rust Test RatingpassSalt Fog Hrs to failure300Bomb Oxidation6 psi drop after 1000 hoursWorked Stability100000 strokes 2.3% changeRoll Stability 3.7% changeBase Oil Viscosity19.5 cSt @ 100C Page 4G-2163An industrial / marine grease containing heavy base oil of 18.5 cSt viscosity at 100C. Provides excellent stability, load carrying properties and resistance to water and corrosion.Use in industrial applications, eg steel mills, quarries, paper mills and marine, eg deck grease, winches. Excellent for bearings subject to immersion in sea water.NLGI gradeNo.2Drop point300CTimken OK Load27.2 kg4 Ball EP load wear index62 kg - weld point500 kgOil separation0.1%Wheel bearing leakage4.0 gRust Test RatingpassSalt Fog Hours to failure300Bearing Life120 hrsWorked Stability100000 strokes 2.5% change50/50 water100000 stokes 8.0% changeRoll Stability3.5% changeWater Washout @ 79C1.0% lossBase Oil Viscosity18.5 cSt @ 100C

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