General Purpose Lithium Base Lubricating Grease No.3


General Product Information:

Product Description The product is formulated by using higher fatty acid lithium soap as a thickener and refined mineral oil as the base oil, adding antioxidant, antirust additive and other additives. The product is widely used and could meet the lubrication of bearings in general mechanical equipments. The production method of this product has applied for national invention * quality of the product is in accordance with the standard of GB7324 -1994. Fields of Application The product is suitable for the lubrication of rolling and plain bearings in general machines and vehicles. 1# and 2# product are suitable for integral lubrication system, and 3# product is suitable for manual lubricating. Applicable Temperature Range:-20-1200C. Performance Characteristicsu Appearance is light transparent yellow and soap fiber is uniformly fine.u Good mechanical stability, not easily thinning during the operation process, and with longer service life.u Good water-resistant property, not easy to leak out.u Excellent anti-corrosion function, which could effectively protect the bearing from being rusty.u Strong universality, could replace the calcium-base grease, sodium-base grease and many other ordinary soap greases. Product Varieties Available grease consistency numbers are 1#, 2# and 3#. Application NoticeAccording to the regulations of lubricating grease for equipments, to choose the appropriate quality level and consistency number product; the storage and transportation process must be water-proof, moisture-proof and avoid mixing mechanical impurities; anti-pollution; different quality levels of products cannot be mixed; Centralized Treatment for replaced old grease to prevent environment pollution.


Industry:Lubricant Industry
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