Ep Composite Lithium Base Lubricating Grease


General Product Information:

Product Description The product is formulated by using composite lithium soap as a thickener and refined mineral oil as the base oil, adding EP additive, antioxidant, antirust additive and other additives. The quality of the product is in accordance with the standard of SH/T0535-93. Fields of ApplicationThe product is mainly applied to the lubrication of bearings of a variety of high-temperature and heavy-duty mechanical equipments in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical, electric power, building materials, transportation and engineering construction industry, such as the sintering furnace, coke oven, blast furnace, steelmaking furnace, continuous casting machine, tandem mill, melting machine, drying furnace, reaction kettle, high-speed car, heavy vehicle and large-scale engineering machinery and so on. Applicable Temperature Range: -20-1800C Performance Characteristics² Good high-temperature resistant performance.² Excellent EP anti-wear property, which could effectively prevent friction wear and pitting.² Good pumpability, could meet the requirements of integral lubrication system.² Excellent anti-rust performance, in the water working environment also remains good anti-rust property.² Excellent oxidation Stability, colloid stability and mechanical stability, extended oil change intervals.² Outstanding load carrying capacity, anti-abrasion, anti-sintering.Typical DataItem 1# 2# 3# Test Method Appearance Pale yellow to brown smooth ointment Visual estimation Worked Penetration,0.lmm 320 285 235 GB/T269 Dropping Point,0C 280 290 300 GB/T3498 Oil separation (1000C,24h),% 5 4 1 SH/T 0324 Evaporation( 1800C,1h),% 0.8 0.6 0.5 GB/T 0377 Water Washout Losses( 380C,1 h ), % 2.2 1.8 1.5 SH/T 0109 Corrosion Preventive Property (520C,48h ),Grade 1 1 1 GB/T 5 018 Extreme-Pressure Property(Four-ball method)PD value, N 3087 3087 3087 SH/T 0202 Anti-wear Property(Four-ball Machine Method) (392N,60min),mm 0.45 0.45 0.45 SH/T 0204


Industry:Lubricant Industry
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