Elba Ogl 00


General Product Information:

ELBA OGL 00 is premium quality semi-fluid grease based on Al-complex soap and high viscosity base oils. The product is fortified with synergistic combination of powerful solid lubricants together with superior extreme pressure, anti-wear package enable to withstand extremely heavy-loaded slow moving large open gear drives operating in the most hostile environments across the industry. This grease exhibits smooth spray pattern with most of the spray systems enable to form a strong film across heavy-loaded gear surfaces and thus reducing the grease consumption and provide better * grease can be applied by spray systems and also through dipping or brushing procedures. KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS:? Semi-fluid and spray able with smooth pattern? Tacky, adhesive, and high film on gear teeth? Outstanding extreme pressure and anti-wear properties? Excellent water resistant properties ,Excellent thermal and shear stability? Asphalt, chlorine free and long shelf life? NLGI 00 consistency provides the lube advantages of fluid with stay-put characteristics of grease? Superior additive chemistry protect gears during stop-run conditions and provides long-life to expensive gears? Protects gears from breakdown and wear under heavy and shock loads; thus reducing maintenance cost of expensive gears? Long retention on gear surface protects gears under water ingress conditions? No breakdown or run out over long periods of use, even at high temperatures? Eliminates lubricant buildup at gear surface; thus easy clean-up and maintenance


Country:United States
Industry:Lubricant Industry
Delivery Time:0000-00-00
Type:Selling Offer

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