Economoly Grease (Lithium Complex Moly Grease)


General Product Information:

Lithium complex based grease manufactured with superior quality base oils and fortified with a synergistic combination of Moly-Graphite and other performance additives so as to meet and exceed the severe equipment requirements - along with providing superior performance. ECONOMOLY contains molybdenum disulfide and graphite. This grease will not plate out, forming an adhering film on metallic surfaces and reducing the coefficient of friction. Also capable of effective lubrication under boundary lubrication conditions. This product has outstanding temperature operating ranges. The molybdenum disulfide - graphite combination will act as a dry lubricant when necessary.Recommended for automotive, industrial, fleet trucks, and contractor service * characteristics (excellent in nature) are especially valuable in heavy-duty applications where sliding or oscillating motion is present as in bearings, steering linkage, and fifth wheel assemblies. A robust multi-purpose grease for a wide range of applications.


Country:United States
Industry:Lubricant Industry
Delivery Time:0000-00-00
Type:Selling Offer

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