Damping Greases

General Product Information:

Damping grease are generally stiff, tacky, non-drying and non-evaporating, highly viscous gels, which are designed to damp free motion of the component to which it is applied. Ordinary lubricants have the property of reducing friction between the surfaces on which it is applied, where as damping grease lubricants create more friction and make motion more smooth and restricted. This smooth yet restricted or damped motion is free from play and produces a hydraulic feel.Damping greases are designed for assemblies where a fine adjustment or slow motion is produced by hand, where free motion is required to damped, and where sealing is required, but not for moving machinery in the ordinary sense.Due to this unique property, damping greases find application in the assembly of potentiometer, rotary switches, tape recorders soft ejection assemblies, variable condensers, deflector coils, plastic gears and other electronics and automotive components where damping of free motion is required. It gives a smooth and easy motion to oculars, focusing and adjusting on screws and plane contracts. Other applications include optical equipment, binoculars, radio, tape recorders, television, telescopes, microscopes, camera, range finders, surveying and measuring instruments, trimmers, electronic toys, automobile fittings, hinges and builders hardware, sanitary fittings, and appliances


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