Csc Tacky Grease (Calcium Sulfonate Complex)


General Product Information:

Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease (tacky) provides exceptional lubricity, thermal stability, rust protection, and water washout resistance. Its mechanical stability surpasses conventional greases and makes it ideal for use in high load * also contains multiple types of viscosity index improvers, which increase the greases 'body' and 'tackiness' properties. This premium base oil preparation process gives CSC TACKY Grease a strong & long lasting body with a texture that can stand up to the toughest *r the base oil formula is prepared, the grease is thickened with the highest performance over-based calcium sulfonate complex thickening technology available. This quality thickener, along with special in house thickening techniques, produces premium high performance finished grease.Features exceptional structural stability as well as excellent water resistance and performance in the presence of * also offers extremely effective high temperature performance as well as excellent extreme pressure properties and heavy load carrying capabilities.


Country:United States
Industry:Lubricant Industry
Delivery Time:0000-00-00
Type:Selling Offer

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