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Product Description The product is formulated by using higher fatty acid lithium soap as a thickener and refined mineral oil as the base oil, adding tackifier, stain, antioxidant, antirust additive and other additives. The quality of the product is in accordance with the standard of Q/AHY55-2007 Fields of ApplicationThe product is suitable for the lubrication of bearings, motors and chassis of cars and trucks. Applicable Temperature Range: -20-1200C. Performance Characteristics² Appearance is transparent and soap fiber is uniformly fine.² Good adhesion property, not easy to shed oil or leak out.² Good mechanical stability, not easily thinning during the operation process, and with longer service life.² Good water-resistant property, not easy to leak out.² Have anti-corrosion function, which could effectively protect the bearing from being rusty. Product Varieties Available grease consistency number is 3#. Application NoticeAccording to the regulations of lubricating grease for equipments, to choose the appropriate quality level and consistency number product; the storage and transportation process must be water-proof, moisture-proof and avoid mixing mechanical impurities; anti-pollution; different quality levels of products cannot be mixed; Centralized Treatment for replaced old grease to prevent environment pollution. Typical DataItem 3# Test Method Appearance Red smooth ointment Visual estimation Worked Penetration,0.lmm 235 GB/T269 Dropping Point,0C 190 GB/T4929 Oil separation ( 1000C,24h),% 1 SH/T 0324 Evaporation(990C,22h),% 0.5 GB/T7325 Extension of Worked Penetration( 100,000),0.1mm 270 GB/T269 Water Washout Losses( 380C,1 h ),% 1.5 SH/T0109 Corrosion Preventive Property(520C,48h ),Grade 1 GB/T5018


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