Assembly Paste (Moly Based)

General Product Information:

ISOL Assembly paste is a low friction, metal pre treatment assembly aid in paste form and contains high concentration of molybdenum disulphide and other specialty solid lubricants. Assembly pastes are designed to prevent damage to surfaces while sliding against each other at high loads and low speeds such as assembly or disassembly of bearings, press fitting etc. The excellent lubricating properties of assembly paste are due to the hexagonal structure of its constituent, Molysulphide, which has alternate layers of molybdenum and sulphur atoms. When an assembly paste is applied to metal surfaces, the Molysulphide in the paste makes layers on the metal surface known as lamellae. These lamellae are practically incompressible and thus are capable of withstanding tremendous load up to 5,00,000 psi. Although the lamellae cannot be compressed, they do not resist shear forces (sliding friction). They provide excellent lubrication due to their ability to slide over each other without any resistance. Layers formed by this paste of metal surfaces are serviceable from 25C to 550 C. having extremely low coefficient of friction, it protects load-bearing surfaces, during critical wear in damages, from fretting, seizure and galling. It handles extreme pressures and gives complete protection during critical start up and running in period. It provides closure fits without jamming and lowers the force required during assembly of close or tight fitting parts. Its special lubricating properties provide lubrication up to the yield point of most metals. It is an indispensable lubricant for general maintenance, assembly of parts, press fits, threaded connection and spline lubrication.


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