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Dear Sirs,We would like to present you 400 g Grease Cartridge with PULL-OFF bottom. With more than forty years of experience with 400g grease cartridges we thrive for continuous improvement. A combination of our experience and of the demands of our customers has lead to the development of our PULL-OFF grease cartridge. Within seconds the PULL-OFF bottom is smoothly removed and the cartridge ready to use. Almost all major grease manufacturers utilize our grease cartridge today.The development of the lubricant market shows that there is a persistent demand for ready-made grease cartridges. As one of the leading suppliers of grease cartridges we made it to our priority to meet the highest demands of the market by permanently improving quality and packaging of the cartridges. A big problem has been solved by our PULL-OFF grease cartridge. So far there had always been problems removing the bottom of the cartridges to prepare them for the grease gun. This is over now. The bottom of our PULL-OFF cartridge can easily be opened and removed by the PULL-OFF ring. Additional remedies for removing the bottom are no longer necessary.In the past, changing cartridges always caused problems because by the pulling back of the piston, the empty cartridge was pulled into the press and got wedged. Only with great difficulty and by the help of appropriate tools the customer was able to pull the empty cartridge out of the press cylinder. Practice has shown that this is big problem which annoys the consumer all the time.Using EURO-cartridges, a round rim remains after having removed the bottom by the PULL-OFF ring. In this case the consumer has the possibility to pull the empty cartridge out of the press by simply grasping below this remaining rim.The quality of our 400 g PULL-OFF grease cartridge has proved to be a success on the market and, today, we supply the oil and grease industry in Europe (ORLEN, LOTOS, CASTROL, MOBIL, SHELL).EURO-grease cartridges can be printed pleasantly and with an advertising appeal, single- and multicoloured, applying the screen-printing technique. EURO-grease cartridges comply with DIN standard 1284 and can be used in all commercial high-pressure hand lever grease guns (according to DIN 1283). The bead at the bottom of the cartridges seals the cartridge towards the gun cylinder; hence there is no undesirable leakage of grease. EURO-grease cartridges can be used all-automatically without any problem by every commercial filling machine. EURO-grease cartridges made of plastic are tightly shut with a cover lid. Due to vents in the lid shutting is made easier which is important for the processing of fast running filling machines. EURO-grease cartridges are subject to strict quality controls. Therefore, a device, for example, especially developed for this purpose controls whether the breaking point of the PULL-OFF bottom always is of the same thickness. This guarantees that pulling off and removing the PULL-OFF bottom of the cartridges always requires the same effort.Get to know the advantages of our EURO-grease cartridge. Ask for our samples and let us submit our offer without any se write us or give us a call if you wish to improve your packaging. Please visit our website or , in order to familiarize yourselves with details of our offer. We are pleased advice you. We speak German, English and Polish.


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1. Lubricants: Lubricating Greases


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